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Wednesday Special Choose Any 2 For $19.99

Here is a Great Deal on Lunch Specials each Wednesday at Don Cherry’s Sports Grill in Sydney River NS!

Come in any Wednesday (4 pm to 11 pm)  at Don Cherry’s Sports Grill in Sydney Nova Scotia and Choose From any 2 Menu Items for only $19.99 !!

  • Oriental Stir Fry

  • Spaghetti N’ Meatball Melt

  • Cobb salad

  • Sweet Thai Chicken

  • Don’s Ultimate Beef Melt

  • Canadian Clubhouse

  • Two Piece Fish and Chips

  • Hall of Fame Burgers – (Your Choice).. Western Ranch, Triple Cheese, Great White North, Tex Mex, Bacon Swiss Mushroom, Peanut Butter

Taxes Not Included
Beverage Purchase Required
Eat In Only – 4pm to 11pm


Full Service Family Restaurant

Don Cherry’s Sports Grill in Sydney NS is a full service family restaurant catering to small and big crowds alike.

Want to catch the big game on the week, we are open until midnight and have a large assortment of pub specials, pitchers of beer and many HD TV Screens for your viewing pleasure.

Touted as one of the most popular restaurants in Cape Breton Don Cherry’s family restaurant is open 7 days a week and has the “famous wing nights” every Tuesday and Thursday for only $7.99 per dozen as well as many appetizing specials from Monday to Friday for only $9.99.

Bring the whole family or a few friends after that pickup hockey game any day or night of the week.

Come on down and enjoy mouth watering steaks, fish & chips, hot wings, nachos, or lasagna at Don Cherry’s in Sydney River NS.


Children’s Menu

Every Sunday 11 am to 4 pm kids eat for only $2.99 (2 children per adult)!

We now have a children’s menu at Don Cherry’s in Sydney where kids ten and under can pick from a number of yummy items on the menu for only $5.49 small beverage included plus applicable taxes.

  • Burgers and Fries
  • Cheesy Nachos
  • Pogo and Fries
  • Pizza and Fries
  • Mac and Cheese Bites with Fries
  • Dessert (Ice Cream Sundae $1.19+)

6 Lunch Specials For $9.99 Plus Tax

If you are in the Sydney area of Cape Breton and looking for a great place to have lunch come to Don Cherry’s in Sydney River where you can find any of six different lunch specials for under $10!

Most of the people who come to Don Cherry’s for lunch have their favorite lunch items. Over the years they have told us which ones they love the best. Here are a few of the local lunch favorites so we have put them on special indefinitely:

  • Pasta Primavera

  • Quesadilla With Chicken OR Vegetable

  • One Piece Fish and Chips

  • Cheeseburger and Fries

  • Maple Spinach salad

  • Grilled Greek Pita Wrap

At Don Cherry’s you can choose from any variety of healthy delicious meals that will satisfy any hunger or graving!  For instance, our Pasta Primavera is a classic dish which is chocked full of colorful vegetables and Parmesan cheese with a splash of lemon and herbs added for good measure.

Another lunch favorite in Sydney NS is Don Cherry’s quesadillas, with or without chicken. They are first prepared with sauteed onions and green and red peppers, then chicken breast is added with lots of Tex-Mex seasoning, and then it’s topped with yummy Tex-Mex cheese. Just watch as the waitress places the quesadillas in from of hungry workers or travelers to the area. It’s enough to make you come back for supper!

For decades Fish & Chips has been a favorite not only to the people of Cape Breton Island, but you will find it a fan favorite all over the Maritimes in Eastern Canada. Foodies usually come to Don Cherry’s just for the mouth watering Fish & Chips. Seafood lovers in Sydney NS, come to where they can get the freshest fish possible and word seems to be spreading about not only Don’s Fish & Chips, but his mouth watering steaks and Ultimate hot wings as well!

This brings me to another favorite lunch special which is the good old reliable Cheeseburger and Fries! A lot of locals make Don Cherry’s their destination from Monday to Friday each week to see what the special of the day is. They are surprised to learn that there is not only one special on that day, there are in fact 6 lunch specials to choose from at Don Cherry’s in Sydney River!

I have never been disappointed by the burger or cheeseburgers at Don Cherry’s Sports Grill. If fact, my mouth begins to water just as the waitress brings over the menu. I already know what I am going to order – a mouth watering cheeseburger and fries of course. For under $10 what can you expect? If you are looking or a homemade burger in Sydney NS topped with cheese, relish, mustard, ketchup, and onions with a side order of crispy french fries, they bring a friend for lunch any day of the week.

If you are look for a great spinach salad topped with maple dressing Don Cherry’s Sports Grill in Sydney River is your best bet. Folks come in a lunch time to see what’s on special and only one glace at the menu reveals the heavenly maple spinach salad!

Topped with glaze cachews, goat cheese, and mandarin oranges is setting off my taste buds just thinking about it. It is one of the most excellent salads you will ever experience. A local favorite for sure and it will make you want to ask the waitress for the recipe before you leave. Definitely the maple spinach salad is a comfort food, as one patron said to us on the way out the door.

Lately, one of the best lunch specials were added to the menu at Don Cherry’s in Sydney River – “Grilled Greek Pita Wrap“.  Grilled pitas seem to appeal to a certain crowd. If you love fresh vegetables, chicken, all place on grilled pita bread, this is a must try! This yummy Maritime delicacy has been picking up steam in the past couple years at Don Cherry’s. So many lunch specials to choose from, but there is lots of time to order.

The lunch specials at Don Cherry’s in Sydney NS run from 11 am to 2 pm each day, Monday to Friday so grab your coworkers and come to Don Cherry’s where you will experience great home cooking at affordable prices for only $9.99 + tax!


Best Family Restaurant in Sydney NS

Located at 45 Keltic Drive in the Sydney River Plaza, Don Cherry’s Family Restaurant in Sydney River is one of the best family restaurants in Sydney NS according to an increase in traffic that has been coming through our doors recently.

We are seeing about the same amount of sports teams and lunch crowds, but family dining at Don Cherry’s in Sydney NS has definitely increased significantly over the past few months.

If you family is a little older, then you’ll want to come down during happy hour on Friday and Saturday nights where the buckets of beer are only $15.00 and the big game is always on one of our many big screen TVs.

Full Service Family Style Restaurant

If you are looking for a full service family style restaurant that caters to family dining and has a friendly atmosphere, then Don Cherry’s Restaurant in Sydney NS is the place to be. This popular family restaurant in Sydney River is open 7 days a week and has lunch or supper specials to please the whole family.

If you are looking for mouth watering steaks, fish & chips, wings, lasagna, or nachos, come on out to Don Cherry’s in Sydney River. We have a children’s menu were the kids can pick from a number of yummy items to eat. Don’t forget we also have a gluten-friendly menu.

Home Cooked Meals

  • Ribs
  • BBQ heaven
  • New York steak
  • Oriental stir fry
  • Chicken Tortellini
  • Meat Lasagna
  • Chicken Parmesan
  • Sweet Thai chicken
  • Grilled chicken dinner
  • Fajitas
  • Spaghetti n’ meatball melt
  • Chicken fingers
  • Fisherman’s platter


Best Desserts in Sydney NS

Think you’ve had the best desserts in Cape Breton? Why not try a piece of deep dish apple crisp at Don Cherry’s Sports Grill and Family Restaurant in Sydney, Nova Scotia. If apple crisp is not your favorite dessert then surely a chocolate brownie sundae will make your mouth water. If you have never tried Don Cherry’s deep fried cheesecake, our patrons have said it’s to die for.

So if you are looking for a family restaurant that serves home make desserts, then call and make a reservation for the whole family at Don Cherry’s Restaurant in Sydney River.

  • Deep dish apple crisp
  • chocolate brownie sundae
  • chocolate explosion
  • New York cheesecake
  • Deep fried cheesecake

Hot Wings

If the family wants to try the best hot wings in Sydney River, then there are quite a few different flavored hot wings to choose from including buffalo hot wings, Don’s ultimate wings, smokey BBQ wings, honey garlic wings, and teriyaki wings.

If you are in the Sydney River area on Tuesday or Thursday nights, the hot wings are the cheapest and best tasting in Sydney NS, just $7.99/pound.

Happy Hour at Don Cherrys Sydney River

The lowest HAPPY HOUR Prices in Sydney Nova Scotia are at Don Cherry’s Sports Grill in Sydney River! If you are looking for a great place to hang out with friends, especially during Happy Hour, check out Don Cherry’s Sports Grill in Sydney River!

Don Cherry’s in Sydney NS has over 20 big screen TVs where you and your friends can watch the big game. While you watch the Blue Jays play or your favorite hockey game, you can enjoy our special HAPPY HOUR prices!

Friday & Saturday Nights Are Happy Hour at Don Cherry’s!

If you come to Don Cherry’s in Sydney on the weekend, in particular Friday or Saturday night between 9-11 PM for Don Cherry’s happy hour, our 60 oz pictures of Budweiser and Bud Light are on for $15.00 taxes included!

If you want to try out “Well Shots” they are only $4.00 taxes included!

Happy Hour at Don Cherry’s in Sydney River has been growing over the past couple of years mostly because of word of mouth. We have been seeing an increase of new and old customers returning to Don Cherry’s on Friday and Saturday nights, not only to watch the big game, but to take advantage of the best Happy Hour prices in Sydney NS.

The Patio is Open

Don’t forget if you want to come to Don Cherry’s in the afternoon or evening to enjoy a hearty supper or dinner special, our patio is always open. Just come to Don Cherry’s Pub in Sydney River, take a seat anywhere in our patio area outside, and your friendly waitress will be over quickly to take your order.

There are many types of beer on tap including our Budweiser and Bud Light specials. We have a large menu selection for you to choose from including lunch specials, hot wings, and steaks grilled to perfection!

If you are wondering where to eat in Sydney and are looking for the best family restaurant in Sydney NS to enjoy a nice meal with the wife and kids, Don Cherry’s is the perfect location. Don Cherry’s in Sydney River the best place in town to watch your favorite sports channel with the boys.

Food Specials

You can expect nothing but cheap food specials at Don’s! If you are coming in for dinner or supper you will have many choices of home cooked meals at affordable pricing. Some of our best sellers include nachos, poutines, ribs, steak, chicken dinner, spaghetti, or the popular fisherman’s platter.

So all in all it is a great experience dining out in Sydney NS at Don Cherry’s where you will find decent pricing on all menu items, drink specials, family friendly menu, and gluten friendly items.

Best Hot Wings in Sydney NS

Don’t forget Tuesday and Thursday nights are our famous hot wing specials! Don Cherry’s has the best hot wings in Sydney NS. The price for hot wings is the cheapest in town, not to mention that they are the best tasting wings anywhere in Cape Breton, or so our patrons have told us.

Tuesday and Thursday nights are usually packed because of the hot wing specials so come early or call ahead and we’ll reserve a couple tables for you and your friends. There are many varieties of hot wings like Don’s famous ultimate wings or the teriyaki hot wings so order up 3 or 4 dozen different flavors of hot wings and pick and choose which ones you want to share with your buds.

Bring a few friends to Don Cherry’s Sports Grill in Sydney and stay around for our cheap happy hour drink prices on Friday and Saturday nights only.


Aug 3, 2017 by Tanya Marie
Service and Food was Amazing !!

Been introduced to this place a couple of weeks ago.It is amazing I ate there twice, service was a 10 and the food was a 10. THANK YOU.



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